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    How do I add visemes?

    Q4T Level 1

      I've been editing my almost perfect automatic lip sync. The most common problem is any "P" between a vowl and an "S" like "Keeps". Easy fix. Delete one frame between the "E" and the "S" and the neutral closed mouth looks exactly like a "P". Perfect



      However, in another instance, the computer mistook my "F" for an "S". It's an easy mistake that I expect a non-English speaking human would make, but how do I add an F? Do I need to look for another F and copy/paste it? Should I record and F over the top? What's the intended workflow here?

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Easiest way would be under the lip sync behavior, change the armed parameter to "Keyboard Input" and do a take with that. Then just press the first letter of the viseme you want and it will record it that way.


          We're working on way better tools for this, hoping to have them in the nest release.

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            Q4T Level 1

            Sweet! I'm so glad you're back from your holiday, by the way. You have been missed.


            How is the next release coming along? I'm saving all of my character animation stuff in my project till last, because I want the next release to arrive first.


            On a side note, once my project is over, I'm going to want as much exposure as possible, and hopefully make the big leap from hobbyist to professional. This means that I would be overjoyed to hand all of my project files over to you, to do whatever you want with them. That way, if anyone asks to see my previous work, I can honestly say, "Yeah, I developed puppets for Adobe. If you go to the Adobe website, you can download one that looks exactly like me and animate him yourself. If you open Character Animator, see that guy in the top right of the loading screen? Yeah, that's me."


            What are the chances of something like that happening to my work? Do I need to improve much before I reach that level?