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    keeps crashing .. 2015.8  ( video included )


      My computer was running a little slow and had an older version not the newest version of LR. I had a buddy of mine who is amazing with computers wipe my 1tb hard drive and install a 500GB samsung ssd. So now I have a 500gb ssd as my main drive and my old 1TB drive is a secondary blank drive for me as extra storage. I have a i7 processor with 9gb ram and nvidea graphics card.. I cant remember the actual number but pc is only about 5 years old.. LR was working perfect before the upgrade..everything else on my pc is flawless ....


      now to the issue...


      Everytime I import photos and then edit one photo .. i go to export.. it exports fine and as soon as I click on the next photo in the filmstrip at the bottom it freezes ( says not responding ) ... another issue is when I go into edit>preferences to disable to gpu I cant even do that.. I click it and it does not uncheck and then second click goes to not responding. ..... all drivers are up to date on the graphics card.. and like I said everything else works perfect except for adobe LR .. i have not tired photoshop cc yet to see if any issues..


      last issue .. everytime I export a photo and select all my stuff like 300dpi, my watermark, unique name etc etc .. and then it exports the photo and then crashes.. i have to reopen edit the next photo and then select everything I want again .. file name, dpi, jpeg quality, etc etc..




      <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/8kdmbXUR2A0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>