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    That email address is already linked to a PhoneGap Build account.


      I have been back and forth with support via chat and phone calls for over a month now. The issue started when I tried to upgrade my phonegap to the paid version. I was unable to do so so I got assistance from support. This resulted in a hell breaking loose on my account. Since then I have been run around, disconnected and filled with broken promises to resolve this issue. Here is some background for anyone to aid me but I can tell you now I have tried everything and this issue is due to the fact that phonegap has a link to the adobe profile and something there was not updated correctly when support attempted to fix this problem the first time.


      I am able to :

      • create a new phonegap account using a new email without any problems. (I can even upgrade that account to paid)
      • login successfully to my adobe account using the original email account


      I am unable to:

      • login to phonegap as I get the error "That email address is already linked to a PhoneGap Build account." even though I can access adobe just fine with the same credentials
      • access any forums using this credentials as it takes me into a continuous loop. (Clearing cache does not work, I have to use a new account to acces the forum)


      I am not able to use a newly created account because my github is tied to old account which I am not able to access and I really prefer using one account to access my services. I would like someone to fix the old profile so I can revert to it and get access to my already late projects.


      Support upgraded my account yesterday and they upgraded the account from their end with no avail. They promised a call back within 2-3 hours now a day later...nothing.

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          christopherm10038051 Level 1

          So this problem is solved now with the aid of a forum staff member. As a note to future users that may have this issue. The following are completely useless in solving this issue


          • Clearing cache
          • Contacting phone support
          • Contacting chat support
          • All forum articles addressing the issue prior Dec 28, 2016
          • The FAQ page that should address the issue FAQ | PhoneGap Docs


          The only way to solve this issue is to get in contact with a staff member via adobe forum and have your phone gap account removed then you recreate it. It will result in lost builds that you may have in your account but trust me it is worth it than the run around the chat and phone support will put you through.


          Thank you Rudd