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    360 Videos - Not Compatible


      I have an LG 360 camera and the app does a very good job putting together different videos however, the videos have these added black frames at the top and bottom of the frame which should not be there. Regardless, I further injected the metadata into such video but it does not load to YouTube as a 360.

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          mashaca Level 1

          UPDATE: The video did in fact load to YouTube as 360 but... the blacked out frame shows thru as expected. Also the video is 1/4 the resolution when compared to the original videos. I am deleting this app.

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            I've got the Nikon KeyMission 360 and have tried every video editing app on the market and all have issues with cropping ether the sides or top/bottom like this app. I was hoping that Adobe would be working on making a 360 compatible app now that Premiere Pro supports 360

            The secondary issue is the Quality... the KeyMission 360 shoots in 4K Ultra HD so after exporting from this app.. my quality gets chopped in half:(

            I know this app wasn't built for 360 but if you guys could make it work you would have NO competition   And with Big camera mfrs jumping into 360 it's only going to grow in popularity!

            One last tip and I know I'm already asking allot.. but add a 360 metadata injector for this app and Premiere Pro? thx