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    What to do, to let the odfrc at the Custom Build Step find the headers

    jochens5907408 Level 1

      I have two problems, while building a Plug-in with CS2.

      1. The odfrc-call at the Custom Build Step does not find the headers to be included into the Main-fr-File.

          The used Response file containes lines like

          -i "..\..\..\source.....

         This file seems to contain all the relative pathes for all the respective headers, but non of them is found.

         When chaning the first two characters of the lines to '/I', the odrfc is claiming 'the reponse file "Q2" can't be opened".

         The same error is thrown when adding lines with qualifyed pathes (C.\id4sdk\...).

      2. At another VM I've fixed that problem by copying all the required headers to my source path. The plug-In is build without any error, but the Plug-In is rejected by

          InDesign as invalid.

          That's my main problem.

          Can anybody give my a hint, where to look at, to fix that failure?

          Does the Plug-In containe the information, that it is invalid, ore does ID process some funtional checks.

          I'm meeting that failure after a VC7 bug, I could fix wit a SP.

          I urgently need help!!!!!!!!


      Jochen Seliger