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    low res zoom in light room 5


      I recently installed light room 5 on my windows 10 64 bit computer that has a nvidia gforce GTX 750Ti graphics card and in the develop mode, when I zoom in to look at the sharpness of my pictures the preview is not sharp. I exported these pictures and they are sharp...I just can't tell in light room. I updated my light room 5 to light room 5.7.1 and also updated the drivers for my graphics card in the hopes that this would solve this issue.

      I had light room installed on a windows 7 computer previously and had no problems with it. I am really frustrated that if I can't fix this lightroom will be all but useless to me as an image editor.

      I also am having trouble previewing any changes that I make, I does not seem to be updating the images on the fly. If I make a change it does not preview in light room in  regular or zoomed in view unless I click out of the image and click back into it... sometimes I get a grey screen that shows no image when I do this and sometimes it shows the edited image.

      Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks, Monicalightroom_blur.jpg