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    Fusebox 4 Exception Handling

    simonbingham Level 1

      I am trying to implement exception handling by email (i.e. when an application exception state occurs I want to be notified by email) with a Coldfusion Fusebox 4 application. I would also like to provide a friendly on-screen error notification to the user. However, I am unsure what would be the best way to achieve this. Are there any plugins available or could someone suggest/provide some code that will help me achieve this?

      Many thanks,

      Simon Bingham
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          La Fougere
          Here's an example of what you have to put in a plugin in the fuseactionException phase:

          <cfcatch type="myApp">
          <cfswitch expression="#cfcatch.type#">
          <cfcase value="myApp.SecurityException">
          do something
          <cfcase value="myApp.DatabaseException">
          do something else

          Hope it helps