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      I have a problem with smart preview files.


      I created smart previews for CR2 files. Over 500. I worked only on smart preview files without oryginal files. Then clicked export JPG file for one image. Export to the same folder as original. Original folder was disconnected because i worked only on smart previews then. LR didn't saw original folder so new folder was created with the same name as original. All smart previes was gone. I saw only new JPG file.


      To restore previous catalog and develop settings i show original folder location to LR and clicked synchronize. Now all dev. setting are gone. I see CR2 files only and previous settings from xmp from the beginning.


      I saw smart previews (dng) created in the original ligtroom catalog folder in smart previews subfolder. i didn't delete them. I tried to delete folder from LR catalog and import files again. Now i can't see anything. No previous smart previews in catalog folder or subfolder. There's  only a few s.preview files created by me later with folder synchronized again when i tried to restore everything.


      Is there a way to restore lost smart previews with develop settings ? There was a lot of work done there.... half of a wedding ! My clients are waiting for pictures and something like this happened. Very bad.


      Can someone help me ?

          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          The smart previews are stored in the "smart previews" folder tree. You do not get to see or play with them directly.

          Exporting your edits does not delete the smart previews.

          If your smart previews go missing, like when they expire, you can always recreate them from the original files.


          Importing a second time is always the wrong answer. This always discards your previous edits.


          If you don't have a backup of the catalog that contains your edits, then you lost the edits when you restored the old catalog.