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    svg Images not displaying in Chrome

    ShelleyLS Level 1

      My first foray into Muse was creating a website for a friend, www.bossoutdoor.com. Unfortunately, none of the svg images (save 1, the logo on the master page) are displaying in Chrome, nothing shows, not the broken link image, nothing. You can right click on where the image should be and download the images on a new page and they display correctly. They also display in Explorer and Firefox. I have read many other forums and have added the code "AddType image/svg+xml svg svgz

      AddEncoding gzip svgz" to my htaccess file. I have saved the files from photoshop and AI (embedded not linked), I have had them in a text box and out, hyperlinked and not hyperlinked, (I was trying to reproduce the logo) and get nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.