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    migration to IIS6 causes large swf files to not play

      So I had a FLV that was being played through a SWF on one of my clients sites. The server got upgraded to Windows 2003 and it stopped working. I didn't originally create the SWF or FLV so I wasn't sure what it was doing. I used FLV2SWF to convert the FLV to SWF (the unlicensed copy) and it created a 6mb (truncated) version of the file, and this file was now viewable. So I got the full version and converted the entire FLV, and I still have the same problem it looks like its downloading but then never plays and if you right click on the player it says movie not loaded. If I just create a link to the SWF and download it and play it local it works no problem. You can see the non-working version here, in case this helps http://cwbtechnologies.com/about2.htm

      Any help would be much appreciated. I have a feeling this is something in Win2003 but I couldn't find anything on MSDN.