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    Image trace in js script

    никс66165976 Level 1


      I'm trying to trace a PNG image in Adobe Illustrator via js script. I've tried different approaches, but always have the same problem - I can't change Color setting automatically. Here is my simple script:

      thisImage.tracing.tracingOptions.tracingMethod = TracingMethodType.TRACINGMETHODABUTTING;  
      thisImage.tracing.tracingOptions.tracingMode = TracingModeType.TRACINGMODECOLOR;  
      thisImage.tracing.tracingOptions.cornerFidelity = 50;  
      thisImage.tracing.tracingOptions.pathFidelity = 55;  
      thisImage.tracing.tracingOptions.noiseFidelity = 5;  
      thisImage.tracing.tracingOptions.maxColors = 40;  
      thisImage.tracing.tracingOptions.colorFidelity = 50;  

      So other parameters were changed during this script execution (Paths, Corners, Noise), but Colors is 100 again despite maxColors and colorFidelity. And I don't see any additional fields in tracing options that can be responsible for this.


      Could you please give me any advise how to solve this issue?