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    OMG!  Why won't it generate?

      This is...maddening. During a training session, I had the trainer run through a set of procedures while Captivate ran in the background. I stopped the recording during breaks so the file wouldn't be of a ridiculous size. The first time I stopped Captivate, it converted 54 files to swf just fine and generated the file. Great. I closed the project and started recording again - this time, when I stopped Captivate, the poor thing had to convert 183 files to swf - took a while, but it finished that, then the next dialog came up, and then it just - stopped. It never generated the file. It never threw an error. It didn't stop responding. It just never gave me my movie/thumbnails. Was it too big? Can my files be recovered? Was it something I said? I am seriously hoping this is just a stupid noob problem and someone somewhere will take pity on me - I need to know WHAT HAPPENED????? Thanks all!
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          Hi queenalby and welcome to our community

          First off, you should be aware that Captivate is "event driven". This means it takes screen shots where it sees different actions occurring. So unless you simply turned on full motion capture and let it run, it won't fill up your hard drive.

          Secondly, you probably hit a limit. Typically, we don't like to see Captivate movies beyond 50-65 slides or so. This depends on a number of factors, but 50-65 seems to be the "sweet spot".

          Thirdly, where did you try and save the file? Local C drive or on a network. If you say "on a network", you should know that Captivate has frequent corruption issues when you place a file on a network drive and edit it from there.

          Sorry, but if it's corrupt, odds of recovery are slim at best. You MIGHT have luck creating a new, blank movie and importing from the errant movie into the new one. But even this only works maybe 5% of the time (if that).

          Hopefully this helps... Rick