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    What? 'File', 'Edit' and 'Object' options missing!

    henryyjjames Level 1


      I recently became very interested in Adobe Xd and I just discovered this problem. Mine does not have the bar at the top of the page with the File, Edit, Object View, etc.... This is annoying and is very hard to work without. It is also hard to work with tutorials on projects. I noticed this in a youtube video on how to do something. Here is a screenshot from my computer:

      XD 1.JPG

      Here is a screen capture fro youtube:

      XD 2.JPG

      I don't know if this has to do with it being in Beta stage or windows vs. mac, but this is highly annoying.




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          helenm85367036 Level 1

          I just found out that the Windows 10 app is missing quite a few features than the Mac version - which is the version shown in tutorials. This is very confusing indeed.


          Windows support for Adobe XD


          Does XD for Windows offer the same features as the Mac version?

          At this time, no. The first release of XD for Windows includes core design and prototyping features, and will be updated every month with additional features. Eventually the core feature set across both Windows and Mac versions of Adobe XD will be consistent, with each version being optimized for performance and stability.

          For a detailed list of the features supported in Windows, see Features currently supported on Windows 10.


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            tuhoarca Adobe Employee



            Thanks for the interest in using XD for Windows! Some of the Mac version features are not yet available on XD for Windows , but we will be adding them with each subsequent monthly release.


            However, most of the features from the upper menu (File, Edit, Object, etc), on Windows version can be found under the upper-left area hamburger menu or in the contextual menu. We had a different approach here, as the Windows version is an Universal Windows Application and we aligned with the platform's design language and guidelines.


            If you're not finding a particular feature there, please let us know.




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              smtdesign Level 1

              I find one missing on Windows 10. For example  -> Object -> Mask with Shape... Only works with keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+M) but there is no such action link in the main menu or in the context menu. My release is Version: Beta(downloaded via CCM on 27 feb 2017)

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                elainecc Adobe Employee

                Mask with Shape is not officially supported in Windows yet, so use the shortcut key at your own risk If you're interested in seeing the full context menu support, please upvote this story in UserVoice: [Windows] Mask with shape – Adobe XD Feedback : Feature Requests & Bugs





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                  susanned5802816 Level 1


                  I just start XD and have the same problem. If I open the hamburger menu, I only can see the items of the file-menu and I don't know how to find object, edit, view ...

                  Please look at the screenshot.



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                    elainecc Adobe Employee

                    We're following the UWP design paradigm, where the hamburger menu only has file-level or application-level commands. For object commands, you'll find them either in the property inspector (which is contextual based on selection) or via the context menu (right click).


                    Hope that helps!




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                      juliej14474030 Level 1

                      Hi -

                      I'm using XD on Windows 10.  Group doesn't appear to be in either the hamburger menu or the contextual menu. How do I group objects together?

                         No Group1.PNGNo Group2.png

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                        masons11178820 Level 1

                        Two issues here.


                        1. It's December 2017, and still no top-line menu options for Windows XD? You are forcing my organization to choose a competitor because your product doesn't support our workflow. Hint to Product Team - you're losing the Mac crowd. It's happening. Shore up your Windows users, and come to the market from a position of strength - not desperation.
                        2. I understand the UWP design paradigm - but does forcing this paradigm at all breakpoints really make sense today? Are people clamoring for their top-level app functions to be hidden at all times? Put your UX/UI designer hat on for a second, and give it a real turn. Hint: the answer is an obvious "no."
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                          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                          I suspect UWP having no menu bar is a Microsoft decision. I would agree with XD being a normal app, like all other Adobe apps, but while it's UWP would it be easy to fight against Microsoft? Google seem to have conceded defeat too, you can't get that menu in Chrome either.


                          Not having an Object menu does mean though that you should have a button somewhere that does the same job. I can't see one for Group, so you would need to either right-click and choose Group, or type Control-G.

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                            terrim82506662 Level 1

                            It's a year since this has been posted. NEWS FLASH MAC HAS ONLY A TINY MINORITY OF THE MARKET.


                            When you block windows users from a function (and you can put that function elsewhere in a menu), you block 88 percent of the computer users to serve only 9 percent of the market. (The other few percent are Linux users).


                            IS THAT SMART BUSINESS????????????????


                            I love your products, but you keep rewarding a company that trashed your FLash program. Does this make sense?


                            Please at the very least in your tutorials make it clear what functions are avaiable on Mac and which are available on PC and if they are available in different places, show us that.

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                              elainecc Adobe Employee

                              So, first of all, I hear your frustration about a top menu bar. We invested a huge amount of time in working on our Windows UWP experience because we believe it’s the future of the platform, one that represents a large part of the market, as you pointed out. As a part of our investment in the Windows UWP experience, we decided to commit completely to the UWP design paradigm, which is touch-friendly and removes the menu bar, replacing it with the hamburger menu in the upper left hand corner. You’re seeing Microsoft’s own products (think: Office) begin to move away from reliance on a traditional menu bar to an chunky icon-based strip at the top.


                              With our most recent release, we introduced basis pen and touch support support on Windows UWP only, and we’re making additional investments in this area.


                              You’re more than welcome to upvote the idea in UserVoice (https://adobexd.uservoice.com), and I’m not ruling it out for the future. But, for now, the current design paradigm set by Microsoft pairs well with the pen and touch support we’re bringing to the market as a Windows-only experience.


                              Hope that helps!



                              Product Manager

                              Adobe XD

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                                MistahJayMe Level 1

                                Honestly, I'm so over this whole 'Pen and Touch' and 'UWP Apps' hype train Microsoft keeps trying to push on us. The fact is it sucks compared to classic windows apps UI found in programs such as photoshop and illustrator. I'm not using a stylus or my FINGERS for professional design work where pixel-perfect accuracy matters. You know what I'm using? A good ol' keyboard and mouse. And I'm going to take a wild guess here and say that probably like, 99% of other user's using Xd are doing the same.


                                Yes a touch interface is great for sketching out ideas/wireframes or creating digital artwork and sculpting. But for accurately placing content and TYPING out headings, text fields etc. I'm not going to be using a stupid stylus. Sorry. It's just so much faster with a trusty keyboard and mouse. These new UI's with a single hamburger menu for 'File' and every other function hidden in sidebars and right-click context menus or hotkeys is horrible. I spend more time hunting around looking for the function/features I want (A lot of the time it's faster to just Google and see if anyone else has figured it out. Because I'm almost guaranteed someone else has been just as puzzled about it before me) when I could have added 2 more sections of content in that time!


                                Not to mention we lose screen real estate because every panel, menu and button has to be so much damn bigger to make the whole interface 'touch friendly'. Please don't let Xd or future Adobe products turn in to a watered down 'Microsoft Paint 3D' of an app just to suit Microsoft's horrible UI/UX Design choices :/

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                                  melmel05 Level 1

                                  Yes. Most professional organizations are not using Macs for their designers. They're using a PC just like everyone else in the building. How horrid would it be for those designers to have to make a worse product for their company because Adobe couldn't get it's head on straight? They're just not going to do it. They'll use another program.


                                  People are already frustrated with Adobe and Xd is an exciting new program that could help people get behind the company again, but not if Adobe insists on squandering the opportunity.

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                                    melmel05 Level 1

                                    Ctrl + g will group objects, just like in another adobe programs. Fortunately a lot of the short-cuts do carry over.

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