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    Apps slow to launch from D drive


      This has been occurring with the at least the last few updates, but seems to be getting worse with cc 2017.


      I installed cc on my small SSD C drive. Changed the apps "Install Location" in the prefs to my D drive.


      I uninstalled all my apps and cc and ran the adobe cleanup tool. Then installed photoshop on the C drive, and it launched immediately. When installed on my D drive, it takes 7 to 11 minutes for the home screen to come up. If I go directly to File->New, it either hangs up or makes me wait several minutes for the "new file" settings to open. Double-clicking to open a psd launches photoshop followed by the file about 10mins later.


      The problem in all the apps seems to have something to do with the start/launch and file->new dialog boxes/screens.


      I use several cc apps, and there is no possible way I can install them on my C drive.


      I'm running Windows 10 with latest updates.



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          Atul_Saini Adobe Employee

          Moving the discussion to Photoshop

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            Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

            Can you give us some more info?


            Is the D drive an internal or external drive?


            If external, what type of connection like usb 3, thunderbolt or...?


            Is the D drive an ssd?


            Even if you direct the install to another drive besides your boot drive (C in your case) a lot of the files are still put on the c drive.

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              Fuzatron Level 1



              Windows 10 (latest update)

              i7 12gb Ram

              GeForce GTX 750Ti (376.33)


              I have a internal C and D drive. No external has been mounted since before the install. C is ssd. D is SATA.


              Yes. I still have CC and some associated files that are installed on C. Within the CC app, I have the "Install Location" set to D:\Programs_D. I haven't manually moved any files around or anything like that.


              Thanks for any help!

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                Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                To me it seems like a waste of all the ssd advantages to install a program like photoshop on an regular non ssd drive, when one has a perfectly good fast ssd available.


                Anyway, be that as it may, that seems awfully slow for an internal drive of any kind.

                Have you tried stopping the Start screen and Recent document dialog from appearing at startup by going to Edit>Preferences>General and unchecking both Show Startup and Show Recent Files?


                You could also try using the old style File>New dialog by going to Edit>Preferences>General and checking Use Legacy New Document Interface.




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                  jbm007 Adobe Community Professional

                  Maybe time to update the D;\ drive to a ssd drive.


                  Apps are loading more and more data as applications become more sophisticated.


                  If you do I would also suggest spanning your pagefile.sys over both drives.


                  Which also adds the following question

                  How much room do you have left on your c: ssd drive.

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                    Fuzatron Level 1

                    Thanks for the help Jbm007 and R_Kelly


                    I changed my prefs to match what R_Kelly is showing and launch time didn't improve but just shows the palettes during the 10min wait. Maybe the start screen doesn't have as much to do with the problem as i suspected(?)


                    If I double-click a psd to open it (with photoshop closed), it opens up with no delay. But is unresponsive for 10mins. If i click around the menus too much, photoshop crashes once the 10min is up


                    My other apps open as expected with no delay off of D. Stuff like Cinema 4D and Clip Studio Paint.


                    C has 28gb of 116gb free. I need to clear off some space on it, but don't think that's related to this issue(?)

                    D has 281gb of 907gb free.


                    Thanks again for the help! Any other suggestions would be appreciated