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    Scripting: Prompt a Dialog Box to add text to part of my existing Script.


           I'm new with scripting and haven't had a lot to do with it, so i'm looking for a little help. I need to add to my companies existing Script Pallet, we have a script that creates our art into dies for us. So that they can be used for Debossing/Hotstamping items. But, we need the "Die" to have the Name of the job on it, so i'm trying to get a box to prompt up to add that text to the top of my die...I have got the box to come up but i can't get it to put the text on the art. Am I missing a link somewhere?


      var newDieName = prompt ('Enter Job Number for New Die', " ","Creating Die");

      var newDieName = newDieName.name;


                  var die_num = thisDoc.textFrames.add();

                  die_num.contents = "DJ" +(newDieName)+ ".01" + "-" + " " +magThick;



          var myParagraph = die_num.paragraphs[0];

                  myParagraph.characterAttributes.size = 12;


                  myParagraph.characterAttributes.fillColor = orange;


      //  Determines where the die number should be placed.

           die_num.top = -170;

           die_num.left = -54;

           die_num.filled = true;


           die_num.overprintFill = false;

      //  End of die number creation



      Please let me know if you need any other information; i will see want i can do to.