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    More Than One Garbage Matte on a Clip


      I am using PE 14 and using the garbage matte effect to change exposures in interior window clips.  The general process is to underexpose one clip, allowing a good exposure of the window, then apply a matte to get that exposure on the "good" clip.  This works well when I have only one window to worry about.  I cannot achieve this with more than one window and multiple mattes.


      My question, is it possible to use more than one matte on a clip?  I also tried stacking more than two videos, each with its own matte, but that did not seem to work either.


      The images below show what I am trying to do.  This is kind of a worst case scenario - I am using these for this for testing purposes. The initial image shows the "bad" windows.  The second image show the improved window (left) with a matte.  But I could not get it to work for the second window - using two mattes on the same clip.


      In Premiere Pro, is this possible, using the new layering/matte method?





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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Put original clip in V2 (superimpose) over V1.

          add garbage matte and add your color correction.

          Put original clip in V3 over V2.

          add garbage matte.

          Add color correction.


          In Premiere Pro there is no more Garbage Matte effect

          It has been replaced by masks (which can be drawn to any shape)

          You can put multiple masks on one clip.

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            Nozmo Level 1

            Thanks for the quick reply,


            I am not sure how, but I sort of did what you said, but may be confused with terminology.  My video in V1 is the original (with normally exposed people).  I then took the same clip (with exposure difference for windows) and added it to both V2 and V3.  Each includes one matte, for each window.  On the V3 clip I had to toggle off the 8 point matte (window on V2) for the entire thing to come together.  Not sure why that would be, but it worked.


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              Nozmo Level 1

              I think I actually figured out why I had to toggle off the other matte - I copied V2 to V3, and I guess it included the initial matte on V2.