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    Two licenses for Adobe PSE & PE 13 trapped after computer crashed

    Sandgrass Level 1


      Q—        My new ASUS computer, Win 10 OS, 4 hard drives, very fast, tons of storage, had to go through a “clean install” of Win 10 (corrupted).  I am now having to reinstall all apps, including  Adobe PSE 13 and Adobe PE 13.  With both apps reinstalled, I followed Adobe instructions to launch PE 13 and go to Help, Activate or Deactivate.  That option is not available.  Since these two apps are already activated on our two computers, I realized that Adobe was not recognizing my desktop computer that had crashed.  (See Screen Print #1)

          I went online to my Adobe account and navigated to a help page to deactivate one of the two licenses, but a message appeared;

      “Have you lost access to your previous computer?

      If you cannot access the previous computer on which you installed the app—whether it was stolen, was lost, crashed, or locked—you need to contact us by chat or phone. To ensure a quick resolution, be sure to have any purchase-related information ready.”  (See Screen Print #2)

                  I judge by the “contact us”  that Adobe must assist me from this point.  There is no option on the “contact us”  page when I click on it  except FORUM.    TELEPHONE option has a red line through it.  Thank you for any suggestions to resolve this situation.      Sandgrass

      Screen Print #1



      Screen Print #2