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    Flashplayer Installation Failure


      I have downloaded and tried to install the new version of Flashplayer. I have windows 7 64-bit.


      I use either IE or Firefox to download. Norton give the file a clear bill of heath. I run and then get Application Error with the message below.


      As a last resort I have uninstalled Flashplayer.

      Please Help.


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          I have the same issue with except I'm on Windows 10 x64 build 14393.


          I uninstalled the product completely and attemtped to reinstall.  Same results.  All AV and firewall disabled.  Same result.  I ran the install with debug enabled and find the following lines in the Adobe_ADM.log file after the installer was launched:


          01/01/17 14:03:30:532 | [ERROR] |  | ADM |  | ApplicationContext | ValidationFailure |  | 3876 | Binary signature validation failed.

          01/01/17 14:03:30:532 | [ERROR] |  | ADM |  | ApplicationContext | InstallError |  | 3876 | Error while validating installer for package 'Adobe Flash Player' at path 'C:\Users\insc037\AppData\Local\Adobe\291E05E6-A228-4EF6-93E2-E70F41775080\926D8B01-D6EC- 47E6-8833-789028F0B936\A1FED01F-3C79-49F6-8963-007D39E46DD4'


          Apparently something is breaking trying to validate the code signature.  Not sure how that mechanism works.  Simple digest comparison?  IDK.



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            verysleepyguy Level 1

            I didn't figure out why the validation was failing but I managed to work around the problem.  The initial installer downloads the full install to Users\(UserID)\AppData\Local\Adobe\(Hex SID)

            You have to make a copy of the entire directory and its contents as it gets deleted when you click 'Finish' on the failed install.  So, when the dialog appears stating the install failed, make a copy of the Users\(UserID)\AppData\Local\Adobe directory.

            The actual install files are in Users\(UserID)\AppData\Local\Adobe\(Hex SID)\(Hex SID).  Not sure if the Hex SID names are unique per install or not.  On my machine the path is:

            C:\Users\insc037\AppData\Local\Adobe\1B74FEE2-806E-4918-B236-E45D4345C3AB\5E27E34C-C8B4-4D A1-AE86-B7EF0A43A284 and the file name is F0835F1E-7854-4510-822C-DC809B932D7D.

            There are two filenames in that directory.  The small one is an XML manifest file.  The larger one (20MB) is the actual install.  Rename the larger one to something with an exe suffix.  Ex flashInstall.exe.

            Right click on the newly renamed file and select 'Run as administrator'.

            The normal Flash installer should then run and install, skipping the validation check.

            Worked for me

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              Carm01 Level 4

              verysleepyguy or you can get the offline installers instead of going through all that mess. For some reason Adobe fails to provide a manual install link on the pages and you have to dig for it ( prob a political decision in the company in an attempt to use the online installers and get Mcafee/nortons installed )


              Anyways you can find the offline link in my Guide to Manually update flash here:

              Guide to Manually updating Flash Player for Windows


              Best Regards

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                verysleepyguy Level 1

                Sure, but why would I do that when I can waste a couple of hours digging around on my computer fixing a problem that I wasn't planning on experiencing when I woke up that day? 

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                  Carm01 Level 4

                  I understand but if you look in my guide I have something that will simplify the process under MYURL link. Sorry I had to kind of bury it.


                  I have learned on here that outright to post a link to a utility I created does not do any good, so I have to be tasteful and explain the clean install process and give users the options to do it manually and then they can always look in my profile for the goodies.


                  Best Regards

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