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    Repeating table captions for long tables

    _Crockett_ Level 1

      Looking for input on what a best practice would be.


      In one document, I have four long tables that are identical in structure and range from one to 10 pages. They come one after another at the end of one section of text. Typically I only repeat the table header columns, but it is easy to get lost visually without the caption/title repeating for each table. The author set up a repeating caption/title in a merged cell spanning the tables'  6 columns.


      Do I keep the table title repeating with the table header columns and make it an artifact so it is not read with each column by a screen reader? Would a person using a screen reader be able to retrieve the table title/caption of the table being read in case they get confused about which table is being read?


      FYI: The tables are very technical and describe internal-only database functions and data.