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    Webpage hyperlinks

    _Crockett_ Level 1

      The authors of the document currently have the name of the website followed by the website URL:


      Example: ...National Weather Service (http://www.weather.gov/)...


      Would it be preferable to have just the words National Weather Service displayed, but hyperlinked to go to the website?

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          olafdruemmer Level 3

          I do not believe  this has anything to do with accessibility but rather only with usability: sometimes it can be useful to see the URL displayed (as opposed to being kind of hidden in a Link) – like in this case, most readers could probably remember the URL (as it is a very obvious one, once you have seen it), and then simply type it into the URL field of their browser (when they are not looking at the document anymore).

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            _Crockett_ Level 1

            Thank you for the input. A few of the links are simple, like the example. Others are more complex, but still readable/memorable and the view that people will be able to remember the URL and go to it directly later is a good point.


            The reason I was asking is that alt text is supposed to be provided for all hyperlinks and I end up basically entering the same text as appears directly before the URL.