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    I have issues with the exporting


      Okay so there's 5 exporting options:

      Export Image

      Export Image (legacy)

      Export Movie

      Export Video

      Export Animated GIF


      And none of them I truly like for exporting images like jpgs or pngs. Let's start with Export Image.


      My biggest issue is that this is the only one that exports in an image file with the Stage Size. And I find that bad because this one has obvious issues with transparency and anti-aliasing. The textboxes all have the stage color behind them and the lines made with the Brush Tool have aliasing that contains the stage color instead of being transparent.


      Export Image (legacy) is like Flash CS6, which I like because the transparency is fine, but it falls into the issue of exporting the entire thing and not just what's in the stage. That's about it.


      Export Movie is the most disappointing. In Flash CS6, not only would it be properly transparent, but it would also export in the stage size. This one.....doesn't. And I have serious issues with that, because manually adjusting the image in something like paint.net is a chore.


      Export Video only exports in .mov and Export Animated GIF only exports in .gif.


      So what I want to ask is is there any way I can export an image in Adobe Animate CC that not only has the transparency of Flash CS6 but also exports what's in the stage?