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    Grep find/replace to switch Lastname, First M to First M Lastname

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      I almost have it but have run into a snag that i can't figure out...Hyphenated names

      I have to create a index for a directory

      I have pulled all the names using "create table of content" from the document that use a certain paragraph style

      in the directory they are listed last, first but here they want first, last so i made a find replace using greps that flips them


      FIND              ^(\w+), (\w+)([.\w]+)?

      REPLACE     $2$3 $1



      works fine for Rudy, Scott M

      but fails on     Rudy-Goon, Scott M


      when it fails it does nothings it would look like the list on the right below after i run it


      Rudy, Scott M                 Scott M Rudy

      Rudy-Goon,Scott M          Rudy-Goon,Scott M

      Doe, John S                    John S Doe

      Public, John Q                John Q Public


      any suggestions?


      thanks in advance!!!!