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    Randomly switches to cmyk


      3 things about the update, atleast 2 are bugs.

      *Cc 2017 randomly and several time changed from choosen srgb to cmyk monitor. Same with Color proof, randomly selected by ps while I was working on a pic. Really crazy!

      *Then the masking brush reversed... White to remove and black to gain... but  first, non of it worked, the brush tool was "dead".

      The program had been working fine for about 2 hours when this occured. After a restart it was back to normal. But the first issue, cmyk monitor and the color proof selected, is not acceptable, it happend about 4 times while working with a pic and I know for sure that srgb was choosen by me when I started. I started using ps 3 back in -97 and never before had this strange problem.

      *Also, this update crashes now and then but since I am used to old ps I still save my work frequently. But the version before was much more stabile.//Anyone else had the two  first problems? I wont ask about the third, hehe, who hasn't experienced ps crash