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    Premier Elements - "We have Encountered the Following Issues" "Installer failed to ...




      You can email me at [email address removed by Mod. Please use PM system]


      Long story short. I have been working three different nights for about 6 hours a night to load Premier Elements. I have been on the Chat Forum tonight for over 3 hours to be told that Adobe does not support Premier Elements via phone or chat.


      I have downloaded Photoshop Elements and got it fully installed. I have downloaded Premier Elements but end up with the following message.


      I even tried to do an Uninstall and reinstall and got the instruction to go and download Adobe Application Manager and got the same message.


      Every Adobe Program now gives me the same message.


      Now if someone can help me solve this please send me an email at [email address removed by Mod. Please use PM system]



      Thank you,


      David W. Fansler


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