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    Interactive pdf audio links not functioning


      Any ideas why embedded audio files in an interactive pdf won't work?


      I followed the tutorials for placing a MP3 on a fixed layout design for an eBook I am working on. The book is a field guide with many graphics that must remain static, hence my choice of pdf rather than EPUB format. I am nearly finished with the book, but now find that when I export pages. The links do not appear (cursor does not turn into the little hand as described in Adobe help literature), nor will they play the associated audio files.


      I have tried reading the exported page on an iPad using iBooks (this is the main platform for which we are targeting production, but I thought a pdf would be readable in many other formats and readers). I have also tried reading the pdf file on iPad with the Adobe Reader app (no luck). I have even tried to read the exported pdf file on my Windows laptop in a web browser (Chrome and Internet Explorer) and no luck.


      Any help will be most appreciated!