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    Adobe Flex Datagrid Editor issue




      I am getting editor issue in Flex datagrid, getting mxml datagrid component with mutiple columns

      Example:  <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn id="columnVisibleInLayer" headerText="Visible"     dataField="@visibleinlayer" editable="true"  width="50"  />


      But when i click to edit the specific column editor is not displaying the same column instead it stretching towards left and width is also more.


      I tried all the tricks like invalidateDisplayList, InvalidateSize everything. Surprisingly the columns which are displaying on load is not having this problem, to make you clear it is having problem only for columns which are visible only after scroll to right. I observed that it is clearly Display area and Display API problem.

      I'm using Flex builder 4.7 and SDK 4.6 with 3.0 compatibility mode (using mxml components/ not the spark components).


      Can someone help me to find the solution on the same.


      Thanks in Advance.