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    Can't control volume of Dolby 5.1 audio, in Premiere Elements 15


      I have a Panasonic x920 camcorder set to record at 1080p 50fps and 5.1 dolby audio.  I have to have 5.1 set to get the audio zoom facility to work on the camcorder.

      When I import the recorded file the project becomes AVCHD 1080p50.  The audio plays fine in the preview window but is silent when played on the Video/Audio 1 timeline.  If I insert the clip into the video/audio 4 (5.1) position I get audio but can't control it, so I can't fade the start and end of the clip it simply plays at full volume.


      My understanding is if a 5.1 audio clip is placed in audio 1 to 3 it should play as stereo.  If placed in audio 4 it should play as dolby but export as stereo, as the project is 1080p 50fps which does not have an option to include dolby, only stereo output.


      Has anyone else had this problem in Premiere Elements 15 version 20160905.daily.1036636?


      If I manually create a project as Full HD 1080i 25fps with 5.1 dolby audio and import the file it will not play in audio 1 position but will play and can be controlled in the audio 4 position.


      Sounds like a bug to me.