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    Affects of Flattening Transparency

    mother eareth

      The PDF of my book is 504 pages and contains over a 100 pictures, 20 maps and several diagrams. I am using Acrobat XI. While preparing the book in print production, convert to B +W I got an error prompt that one of my images had a mask and that I needed to do a PDF Fixup of Flattening  the Transparency, which I did (Print Prod>Preflight>PDF fixups>Flatten Transparency High Resolution.


      My question is whether this affects the quality of my document and whether it lowers the DPI of my images, or causes other print production issues?


      I would also like to know is there a way to find out which image is creating the problem? That way I can pretreat it before placing it in the document. I have attempted to do this by removing certina images and running the Preflight>Convert to B +W.