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    crossdomain: xml sendAndLoad fails, loadMovie works

      I'm sort of at the end of my wits here; any help is appreciated. I've read up and tried several things to close in on this problem but to no avail.

      I have a swf on an http server that needs to interact with servlets that are mapped to load from https.
      * One servlet works fine (loadMovie hits a servlet and loads a captcha image).
      * The other performs an xml.sendAndLoad, however the logs show no record of the request even making its way out of flash.

      I have tested this same swf, having it hosted out of the https server, and everything works as expected...sendAndLoad works properly. I thought perhaps there was a problem with the mapping of the servlets and crossdomain file (I had to use loadPolicyFile since I don't have access to root on the https server) ... but since loadMovie and xml.send work, that seems to be ruled out.

      I have a few different dev environments I've tested on, but they both use the same IP (different ports) for ssl/nonssl.

      I'm publishing as flash 8 out of cs4.