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    Dialog boxes all on one monitor


      When you're using multiple monitors, how do you force all dialog boxes to go to one monitor? Sometimes when I adjust my desk setup with other monitors, there will be this issue. Is there a way to make one monitor the main screen for Photoshop?

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          The first time you open a some dialog Photoshop will open it on the display Photoshop main Window is on.  If you move the dialog window to some other display and the dialog is closed on the other display. Photoshop will remember that particular dialog you moved to some other display. The next time you cause that dialog to open Photoshop will open the dialog on the display on which it was last closed on in the location it was closed. This can be a problem if you run you machine with different display configurations Like I do where I will dynamically attach a third display at time  on one of my workstations.  My other workstation always has three displays attached.   I believe resetting your current workspace will move windows that may now be off screen for your current display setup to where they were position when you created the workspace.