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    Dynamic Form Creation

      So I have 3 tables: Users, Services, and MappedUsers. The MappedUsers Table first two columns are userID and serviceID, combining for a primary key. They are also foreign keys back to the users & services tables. Everytime a new user is created, there is an entry into the MappedUsers table for each service. So if there were 4 services available(1-4), There would be 4 inserts into MappedUsers like with special attention being paid to the 3rd & 4th column in that table: name(string) & allowed (boolean).

      What I am trying to do is dynamically create the FormItems for TextInput and Checkbox for these two items. So far I do have it dynamically generating the TextInputs & checkboxes complete with data already stored in the database. What I CANNOT figure out is how to update the DB by typing new values, checking/unchecking the boxes, whatever. How does it know which dynamically created row is associated with which serviceID, etc in the table?

      I saw the repeater doc here, and saw 3/4 of the page down about TextInputs and the repeaterIndices

      But I cannot figure out how it works. I have posted my mxml below, and all the way at the bottom of it is the repeater. The selectHandler function is what calls the PHP, executes the query, and returns the data object, then I push that object into the singleUser array and obviously it displays the data in the repeater. From there, updating the tables based on changes I make to what's in the repeater is where I am stuck.