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    OBJ Export Frustrations

    StrongBeaver Level 3

      I have a scene which contains a few 3D objects created within Photoshop.  I want to export those 3D objects individually from Photoshop as OBJ files.  With the 3D object layer selected I go to the 3D menu > Export 3D Layer; followed by changing the 3D File Format to Wavefront|OBJ toggling off Scene & Textures and changing the texture format, despite turning textures off to JPEG.  When the OBJ file gets exported it is 0 bytes. 


      I've attempted these same steps numerous times and the results are the same; and I can't figure out why.  Anyone who has worked in a 3D package before, OBJ files can be relatively small; with that in mind I still made sure I had a few free gigs of disk space. All these experiments were done using PhotoshopCC-2017.0.1