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    Adobe apps crashing since Graphic Driver update




      My graphics driver is Nvidia Geforce gtx 780m


      My adobe softwares worked just fine for months (since I first got them). I regularly updated my graphics card as usual, and everything was fine. Until ONE particular graphics driver update, which was somewhere around the end of October or the beginning of November; after this update, any adobe app I tried opening would start up the loading screen, then my whole computer would freeze with a message saying something like (cannot eject [graphics card]). Then I would have to turn off my laptop holding down the power button. Every other program ran fine (video games, etc), just adobe apps didn't work.


      The thing is, every new driver update that was released since then causes the same problem. However, if I install a driver that was released in October 23rd or older, the apps work fine. Anything NEWER than that one causes the crashing. 


      Is there a way to fix this?


      Thank you.