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    Redirected domain causing mobile issues


      I've just finished a site in both Desktop and Phone formats. When published to Business Catalyst, both work perfectly. However, I've now forwarded the actual URL I want to use for the site to Business Catalyst URL and the mobile version is now behaving like a standard browser. The attached grab is from my phone - all the content is pushed to the top LH corner. Any clues as to how to solve this issue?



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          I can see that you are calling double-takemedia.businesscatalyst.com in a frameset on your domain www.double-takemedia.co.uk

          The mobile redirect can't work correctly nested in a frameset however double-takemedia.businesscatalyst.com will redirect correctly.

          If you transfer the domain name rather than wrapping the muse site in a frameset, the mobile redirect will be able to work.