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    Using Draw to the "MAX"

    Janet L Stoppee Level 1

      Sure Adobe Draw is one very cool iPad app but is anyone doing the big professional projects with it? Check out this MAX presentation by Robert Generette III and you tell us: https://max.adobe.com/sessions/max-online/#16687. We know Robert as a sports illustrator for some of the professional Washington DC teams. His work is so alive, that you feel you are there, at the game. Keeping pretty much the same style, Robert's MAX presentation shares the way he uses Adobe mobile apps with time efficiency, adding to creative freedom. He demonstrates his method as he records his brush strokes and explains his process. The artwork is for a poster he calls “Killer Ice-cream.” Robert's use of layers, in creating his illustratio, typifies his background in the printing process. He starts showing a gallery of his assignment work (10:22 in the video's timeline). Robert explains his powerful shadow process by duplicating layers and uses Adobe Capture to add a waffle texture to the cone's shape. In the Q&A section of the presentation, which starts at 35:19, Robert shares how he uses the basic taper brush to achieve the classic comic book style line work. It's all inspirational.