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    Saving single page from multi page PDF to original file


      Hi All


      I'm trying to open a single page from a multi page pdf using illustrator, edit the page and then save it back to the original multi page pdf, however I'm struggling to get the desired behaviour using a script.


      On opening the pdf manually the page selection dialog states "To save this page back to the original multiple-page pdf, use the "Save" command, and this works when I click it, however when I use a script to save the opened pdf it only saves an ai file and doesn't updates the original pdf.


      Here's the line in the script I tried to use to get the same behaviour as clicking 'save':



      Can anyone suggest how I might be able to achieve this in a script? I could consider art boards but it seems there should be a simple way to get the same behaviour as clicking save.


      Thanks for any pointers.