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    Transfer an Older Version of Photoshop to a new computer

    L. Stahlkopf



      I have Photoshop 10 on my personal laptop and have just gotten a new laptop.  I have only used one of my licenses on that laptop, so should be able to load the license onto a second laptop.  I downloaded the software from the Adobe site, but when I enter the serial number I am informed that it is not valid.  I contacted support and they told me that it is an old version of Photoshop and that I need to purchase Photoshop 15.  Unfortunately, this is only used for my personal family photography and it does not make financial sense to purchase such an expensive piece of software a second time.  The person at support suggested that I use the forum to discuss as the experts here may be able to give advice.  I am hopeful, but guessing you will just inform me to open my wallet.


      Here's to hope!