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    InDesign VERY VERY slow on Sierra

    Luc Boivin Level 1

      I have

      imac 27 inch late 2012

      3.4 ghz Intel Core i7

      32GB RAM

      350 GB Free Hard Drive (main)


      InDesign CC 2017



      InDesign runs VERY VERY slow. Beachball appears everytime I try to move or select any object (box, text frame, picture) It's a 16 pages documents... not a huge one.

      I'm preparing to work on 3 catalog, more than 196 pages each with a lot of pictures... So I'm VERY VERY concern about productivity here. I can't afford to lose time waiting about the f....k Beauchball to stop turning.


      Anyone have this issue... and have I praticle and realistic solution ?



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          what helps is to switch of wlan/internet connection (even if it sucks). it also helps to switch off preflight.

          its just a workaround but at least i can work again. hope adobe improves this.

          cheers c

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            Luc Boivin Level 1

            thank you carstena...


            I think I have the solution... but I dont know if it's a turnaround OR really the problem... I'm disable ALL my font (from font book AND Suitcase) and i'm reorganizaing all my font... New Year Eve is always the time for me that I do that kinf of things ;-)

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              carstena18116125 Level 1

              but what app are you gonna use instead?

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                Monica Singh Adobe Employee

                Hi Luc,


                Thanks for sharing your feedback regarding Application Performance. 

                I need your support In order to spot and understand the exact issue regarding performance that you are facing.


                Please share with me following information, it would be really helpful:

                • Have you encountered this issue before InDesign CC 2017 as well.
                • Sample Document(Please attach a packaged document for analysis). You can upload your document on dropbox OR creative cloud for sharing.
                •   Any Known steps -Step with which i can reproduce the problem at my end, that led to slowness
                • Video recording(If possible screen recording showing slowness )


                You may drop me a mail at monsingh@adobe.com. Eagerly waiting for your response.




                Monica Singh

                InDesign Team

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                  Hi, this has happened to me as well.

                  At first I thought it was just my computer, but when I asked around I saw that at least 5 other people I know have the same problem with InDesign. We are all just waiting for you to release a bug fix, but maybe you're not even aware of the problem.


                  My Mac:

                  macOS Sierra


                  Retina, 2013


                  I run InDesign CC 2017, and this annoyance only started after installing the 2017 version, in every document, and especially when I use adobe fonts.


                  Please let me know how you can help or if you're working on a bug fix.


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                    I just started a new job, and they have CC 2017 running Sierra 10.12.3 on a Mac Pro (Late 2013) with a 3.7Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5 procesor with 16 GB of DDR 3 RAM and an AMD FirePro D300 2 GB video card and ONLY InDesign runs slowly...


                    Actually what happens is you can make an edit, then beach ball for a few minutes... then a couple more edits. Then beach ball for a few minutes and so on. A 10 minute correction can take 40 minutes at this rate.


                    I tried all the solutions I can find (changed the permissions for Everyone to Read & Write in the Users/Library/Application Support/Adobe folder (I also did the CC2017 folder and applied to all enclosed items just to be sure), Unchecked the Advanced Type Contextual Controls (both), moved the Mark II folder to the desktop and deleted SING, and even reinstalled CC 2015, which now experiences the same issues (but not as long of delays while working). Some files seem to work better than others, so I am leaning towards maybe it's some kind of font issue. I'm using Suitcase Fusion 7 with auto-activation enabled.


                    What's strange, though, is that GPU performance doesn't show up as an option in InDesign, but is active for Illustrator. Thi could also be an issue. Please advise! Thank you!

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                      Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      The specifications for GPU performance are different for InDesign than for Illustrator. In InDesign, it requires a Mac with a Retina display currently. Perhaps they will relax that restriction in a future InDesign version.

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                        Hanaan Rosenthal Level 1

                        Disabled 7/8 of my fonts. That resolved same exact issue for me.

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                          I am having this same issue, except with ALL adobe CC 2017 on Mac siera 10.12.5. Did you ever get a solution?