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    My LR 6 is frozen!  How do I get it to load?


      This morning I got a warning from my LR that storage was dangerously close to being full.  It said to delete trash or find space elsewhere.  I hit "OK" and it froze and would not let me go any further.  I managed to do a forced shutdown of the LR and have gone into my computer and moved a few hundred pictures onto an external hard drive and have deleted those pictures.  I restarted my computer and still nothing.  The window opens up to show LR, but it won't go any farther.  The little colorful wheel on my Mac turns and it won't open.  WHAT DO I DO???? 


      I will say that yesterday morning I downloaded Photoshop onto my computer.  I've never had it before.  I learned how to move pictures over from LR to Ps and move them back to LR.  I did not download anymore pictures into LR yesterday.  Not sure why it is not responding. 


      Robyn Moore