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    How do I replace white on a pin board with images?

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      I have a few clips of panning across a pin board with white photo paper that I wanted to be able to replace with images.  I did this because I thought I would be able to replace the white paper with an images I wanted to and switch the images if I changed my mind.  I have attached a picture that will give an idea of  what I have done.  I pan through  this board focusing on different parts.  My  question is how do I get the images to only appear in the white paper, and how can I keep the shadows and curves of the paper showing as part of the new image.  Is there a way to do that?  Also I have to track the shots so the images stay in place as I move around the board, do I use the corner pin tool?  I am pretty new to After Effects so I would love to learn how to do this the right way.  Any help will be appreciated. 


      Thanks in advanced.