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    Which PC for Premiere? z170/x99/6700k/6800k???


      Hi guys looking for advice on which PC to get for video editing.


      Currently I'm using a very old pc which has looked after me, but using Premiere Pro is turning into a massive headache with massive render times etc.


      So, I've been looking for a while now. I can't make my mind up, I've been pretty close to going for a Skylake i7 6700k (4core, 4ghz + possible Overclock to 4.6). Budget is around £1000.


      So i know i could build a pc with this processor on an asus z170 pro gaming MoBo, 16gb ddr4 ram, 750 psu, 2 tb HDD, 500gb SSD, etc..... for around that budget. GPU is not a massive priority right now, but will be something I can improve in future, and utilize Nvidias CUDA.


      The only thing that's holding me back is wondering whether 4 strong cores will be plenty for 1080/4k video editing, or should I be looking at 6 core builds. That brings the i7 5820K/6800k on haswell/broadwell x99 mobo setups.


      Basically, if you guys had a grand for an intel pc, for video editing, what would you go for?


      And what are you guys using now? Are you happy with your render speeds?


      Cheers guys!


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