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    missing folders.  missing hard drive.


      I updated to latest version of Photoshop and Lightroom CC.

      Reconnected my external hard drives.

      imported photos. to one ext. hard drive and added to backup on the other hard drive.

      Now my Lightroom will only find the photos from today.

      All my photos are on the L drive but it seems to have been renamed H when I find it in Explorer.

      The L drive is blacked out in Lightroom and when I click on that it shows the list of all my photo folders but all are missing.

      Should I just rename H drive to L drive?


      That might be a solution but what about the X drive where all photos are backed up.  LIghtroom is not finding all the folders on that drive either , not even the ones from today's  import where they were supposed to be copied.


      Please advise what I should do.

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          Close LR and open Computer Management, click the Start button and type Computer Management then hit enter. Go to Disk Management and select the drive that was L and now is H. Also disconnect any other external drives you have connected.

          Right click on it and select Change Drive Letter and Paths. A dialog box will come up, select the Change button and on the next dialog box that comes up select the letter L if available. Click OK and exit out of everything then reboot your system. Open LR and everything should be back to normal.


          Change Drive Letter.png

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            ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

            JSM has you pointed in the right direction.

            I am surprised that Windows would rename a drive letter as high as L; but if you pick a letter greater than that, Windows should not rename it again.

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              Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

              Joe Windows always give the Next Available letter to a drive being connected. Could be at one point the OP had other drives or devices, like a printer with multi slot card reader included, connected and L was the next available letter. Then the OP disconnected those other devices but not the external drive holding his images. Windows would continue to assign the letter L to that drive until disconnected and then reconnected at a later date. It would then get a lower drive letter.


              I suffered this same problem many many many years ago and now assign drive letters to external drives that I need to always have the same letter

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                phosterphoto Level 1

                thank you.  I was able to relabel the hard drive to L from H. and that solved that problem.

                But the X Drive letter never changed.  It only shows in the left hand library panel TWO photos instead of 85000.  However the photos and folders are all there in Explorer.  and if I go into IMPORT in the Library, I can see all of the folders and photos on the X drive.  This is the drive where I automatically copy photos when I import them.

                Do you have any suggestions as to what may be  happening on the X drive?  It appears to have only the two photos in two folders in the Library module. 

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                  Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                  Sorry what X drive letter. Please post a screen shot of what you are talking about.


                  Oh the X drive is your backup drive. You should not try to import images from the backup drive. It is for Image Back Ups.

                  It shouldn't even be listed in the LR Folders section.

                  If you have images on the backup drive that are not on your main image storage drive you should copy them over the main image storage drive and import them from there. Use the X drive as Just a Back Up of all your image files.


                  No image is ever really IN LR. LR is a Database program and only a reference is recorded into the LR catalog file, a database file, from where they are stored.