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    Pencil Tool pen pressure behaves oddly?




      (To preface, I'm using a Monoprice tablet and CS6.)

      I really like the pencil tool but the one thing keeping me from using it consistently is that the pen pressure doesn't work as it should with it. Whenever I use a shape larger than 1 pixel in size and attempt to draw as light on my tablet as possible it will either not show that it registered me pressing or make the line too thick. Well I know that Photoshop does register me lightly dragging my stylus across the tablet despite nothing being drawn since it adds to the Undo function. This is despite me using a 0% Minimum Diameter in the Brush settings.

      Here's an image of the first 6 widths of lines, with me pressing harder the lower I get. As you can see there is a noticable jump between the first and second line, and none but the 1 pixel lines go smaller. Again, this is me barely gracing the surface of the tablet.

      To give an example of how I wish it'd look, here's a similar line drawn in SAI with a 20px pencil. As you can see the thin end is still 1 pixel wide, despite the pencil's size being way thicker.

      My hypothesis is that Photoshop "notices" that I am dragging the stylus very lightly along the tablet but decides for whatever reason not to draw the line until I press hard enough. Mind  that this is only a problem for the pencil tool and not the regular brush tool; Photoshop handles that perfectly. Is there any way to fix this, or should I just accept my losses?