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    Presets don't show in LR CC


      Hi Guys,

      LR CC doesn't show any self-created or imported presets. Any preset I create is lost when I restart LR. All the presets that came with LR are operating normally.

      When I delete a preset by right-clicking on the popup menu it disappeares from the list in the preset-tab, but it is not deleted from the default folder wherein the presets are stored..

      In this default folder I see all the presets I created and also all the downloaded presets I copied in there.

      A thorough search of the net didn't provide me with a solution.


      I use a PC (Win 10) and the latest version of LR CC.

      My photo's and catalogue are stored on an external drive. The presetfolder is the default folder on the internal C-drive.

      The catalogue is backed-up once a week.


      Any help will be grately appreciated.