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    AIR Browser - When will Adobe create a browser to keep Flash from dying?

    DanStarlight Level 1

      Save Flash with AIR.


      For the past 10 years I have worked exclusively with Flash and AIR.  I was amazed by every new feature, and couldn't understand how anybody could compare HTML5 to Flash.

      Google and Apple are killing Flash.

      Their greed, forcing people to download and often pay for apps in their stores, is killing one of the best multi-platform engines that ever existed.  With the same code you can create an application for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android (and more on the way).

      I admit Unity3D is much better for 3D, but Flash is the pro when it comes to 2D.  Html5 is a low powered shadow of what these 2 masters can do, but it doesn't eat the battery as much... is that all you need to make people agree that a plugin that was installed on almost every country all over the world is no longer needed?!?`


      All Adobe needs to do is create a web browser to compete with Chrome.  It doesn't need to do much... StageWebView uses the mobile devices default browser engine, but AIR has its own plugin to render Flash content.

      If it was possible to choose the browser used by AIR, then you could have Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS to deal with Html5, and then AIR would use a plugin to deal with Flash content.


      ADOBE - CREATE A BROWSER TO KEEP FLASH FROM DYING |!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!