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    Preview Playback keeps stopping randomly

    Scott Bruns

      I am using Premiere Elements 15 on 2 PCs running windows 10. One an older Dell XPS 9000 and the other a brand new Dell XPS 8900. Both machines have I7 processors, lots of memory and lots of disk space. The older machine has had the same issue in Premiere Elements 14 and 15. The new machine was just setup and is only running Premiere Elements 15.


      Both machines pause in the exact same way. After hitting play the video randomly stops. It does not make a difference which clip or it it has been rendered or not. Clicking play starts the video again, and it will randomly stop again.


      I adjusted many setting per dozens of discussions I've seen. I tried turning off services and upgrading and downgrading drivers. I removed the RealTek audio drivers. I tried rendering. I tried removing the video card and using the motherboard video only. I tried unlinking the audio from the video and deleting the audio (so only the video played) and I tried deleting the video (so just the audio played). I ran the app as an administrator. I disabled virus scanning. And I even bought a brand new computer (the new Dell XPS 8900) thinking that would finally solve my issue. Nothing makes a difference.


      As  richardc40064500noted in his exact same issue, I also see playback pausing when just viewing a clip in the project assets screen.


      I see others have had this same issue and no one seems to have a resolution. It is acting like I am hitting the pause button while the video is playing. The icon switches from play to pause.


      Premiere Elements must be pausing for a reason. What can I do to resolve this?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The most common reason for this is some process interrupting the program. Are these computers on a network, for instance, that might be interrupting things? Do you have an intrusive antivirus program like Norton? (Try turning it off.)


          Beyond that, what model of camcorder is your video coming from and what format and resolution is this video?


          When you add the first clip to your timeline, is there a yellow-orange "render" line over this clip? This render line is an indication that the program  has NOT matched its project settings to your video specs, which can result in inefficient performance.



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            Scott Bruns Level 1



            Both computers are on a network, so I tried disconnecting the new XPS 8900 from the network to see what effect it had.


            When I unplug the network cable on the XPS 8900 the video plays correctly. When I plug the cable back in the video starts to pause randomly again.


            I also tried connecting via wi-fi. When connected the video pauses randomly, when disconnected the video plays correctly.


            Do you have any suggestions to get the video to play when there is network activity?

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Some process on your network is interrupting the program. Premiere Elements is designed to stop playback every time the program is interrupted.


              Beyond that, I don't know enough about how networks (or your network in particular) work to give you any specifics.


              But I'm glad we could help you isolate the problem anyway.

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                veenumishra Adobe Employee

                It seems like some update start running in the background when you connect to internet. This causes the removal of focus from the play button of Premiere Elements. Hence the video stops. So, look for background processes and pause them till the time your video is running.

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                  Scott Bruns Level 1

                  I resolved the issue.


                  I spent hours working on this. I clean installed Windows 10 several times. I removed every app and service that I could delete. Nothing but the bare minimum was running. I changed every setting I could to see what effect they would have. Still Premiere Elements would not play without pausing.


                  I read many posts that described similar issues. Some people we disabling firewalls and virus scanning and were even disconnecting from the network just so they could use Premiere Elements.


                  In the end I dumped Premiere Elements and installed CyberLink PowerDirector. That fixed the issue. No more pauses, and the rest of the program meets my needs. I'm glad I finally found a solution.

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                    Anyone find a solution to this less drastic that uninstalling it? Though I am almost to that point myself.

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                      Robert J. Johnston Level 3

                      I found that disabling internet access fixed the problem for me. Go to the Network and Sharing Center in the Control Panel, select Change Adapter Settings, click on the icons for your Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection, and then select "Disable this network device."


                      Later on, I didn't have to disable the internet access once I installed Microsoft Message Analyzer for 64-bit.


                      See my post on Muvipix:

                      muvipix Community • View topic - Premiere Elements Playback Stops on Own

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                        stepheng22419967 Level 1

                        Thanks for the follow-up. Disabling internet access to fix a software bug is like chopping your nose off to fix a cold though. It just isn't practical today.


                        I do find that as I am playing back it will consume more and more memory and the pausing seems to happen after I run out of memory, probably when Windows starts using swap files. This machine has 32GB of memory, at least half of that is available when I start the process. Using all of the available memory is ok with me, as long as it adjusts once it consumes it all. It will release it a little while after I stop play back, which seems to help, but it consumes it pretty fast.


                        While this software is really impressive, it also feels buggy and unstable. It crashes on me at least once an hour, preferences are often reset mid-session, and sometimes it will just flake out, like play video and record audio while the UI says both are stopped.


                        I am not a video professional but am pretty technically capable. I guess I expected more from Adobe.