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    Lightroom Painter Tool problems with filtered grid view


      Some pictures have the keyword "silhouette" in a directory, so I'm trying to add this keyword to those pictures that are not classified yet.


      I filtered the grid view to "Keywords don't contain silhouette", and works fine.


      I select the painter tool to paint the keyword "silhouette" and start to paint some of the pictures.


      The problem is that the mouse click button seems to be stuck, and a single click paints erroneously a lot of the following pictures in the grid.


      The mouse button is not the problem because I try this with my Wacom tablet pen and produces the same situation.


      I think that this is a Lightroom's bug because when I click on a picture, it assigns the "silhouette" keyword, and then it applies the filter to hide that picture, but the click is not a click any more and Ligthroom begins a "drag" instead of finishing the first click.  If you hold your first click pressed it will become more evident.


      I'm using Lightroom CC 2015.8 on a Imac Retina 5K 27" with AMD Radeon R9 M380 2048 MB.

      Original mouse and a Wacom Intuos pen and touch small.