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    Problem Running AIR application

      Here's the situation: We're developing a flash-based application that up to now, we've been running simply as a swf. We've also created our own installer application to install an EXE file to a user's computer. Today, I've been experimenting with using AIR to deploy the application. I've installed AIR correctly, can change the main FLA file's settings to publish as an AIR 1.0 file, setup all of the AIR Application and Installer Settings, create the AIR file and run and install the application using the AIR file.

      This is where it gets weird. If I run the individual swf file, everything runs correctly. When run as the AIR application, it's almost as if the movie (swf) is not "playing." It seems to be stuck on the first "frame" (even though we're really not doing any frame-based work... it's all done with external AS files).

      Hope this is a good enough explanation. Any insight would be great!