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    InDesign CS6 Print & Export Issues

    Greg - Seattle

      I am using Indesign CS6. The version is 8.1. My Mac OS is 10.12.2 and I have an Epson 1400 printer.


      I haven't used InDesign for several months, but today when I went to print a document I can't find a print dialog in the drop down menu. Under the file tab I've tried to use the "Adobe PDF Presets" and "Export" tabs, but each time I try this InDesign crashes. In summary, I can create documents but I can't print or export them.


      Is this a compatibility issue with CS6 and OS 10.12.2? Is there some step I've forgotten and missed that won't let me print or export my documents?


      Thanks. Hopefully someone has advice that helps me solve this.