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    LR only finds tif's, not jpg's, of certain images

    bartonlew Level 1

      I have both tif's and jpg's of certain images in a folder on my computer (versions of each for the same photos).  When I click import and navigate to that folder, LR only identifies the tif's.  Why doesn't it find the jpg versions?  I made extensive edits to some of the photos; I thought I was making those changes to the jpg versions, as after I exported those images and saved them to a folder where I keep images I have edited in LR to upload to me website, they show up as jpg's.  But in LR, only the tif versions are showing up on my Catalog, and LR can't find the jpg versions in the folder on my computer, as previously stated.  I don't understand why the images are (A) not in my catalog and (B) can't be found on my hard drive in the folder where they reside.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.